Why are there so many hurting Christians in the church?

Why is the divorce rate higher in the church than in the secular world?

The reason is in today’s fast paced world we are losing the gifts of communication and relationship. Factor in the state of the economy and it is a recipe for stress, strain and hurt. We want to help those who need help navigating life and relationships through the example of Jesus Christ.


What can you do to help these hurting people?

Calling of the Cross Ministries has implemented a sponsorship program to help others who are in deep need of counseling but cannot afford it. Each donation given can be used for blocks of available counseling time. Each one-hour block can be booked for a donation of $75 per individual or a donation of $125 per couple.

All donations regardless of the amount truly helps us continue leading hurting and wounded hearts back to the foot of the Cross where all healing takes place!