Calling of the Cross wants to help you with any and all stages of your Christian walk. We as Christians encounter life struggles and issues just like everyone else. The difference between Christians and the rest of the population is we have been given a perfect example of how to deal with them and how to heal from them, The Lord Jesus Christ.

We specialize in counseling from a true Biblical perspective in the following areas:

*  Marital and Pre-marital counseling
*  Family counseling
*  Non-Family relationships
*  Understanding who you are in Christ
*  Your walk with Christ
*  Addiction and recovery
* Work and Career
* Leadership

Sessions will last one hour each at a cost of $75 per individual and $125 per couple. If there is a need for additional time, payment will be adjusted accordingly.

All APS Temperament Test are $35 each per individual.

If you choose to have us thoroughly explain your results, the NCCA suggest a minimum of 3-6 sessions.

If you are struggling financially, we have a few options to help you, which can be discussed privately on an individual-by-individual basis.

Let us help you heal and become the man or woman God has called to be!