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What is Temperament and why test for it?

Temperament is the inborn part of man that determines how he relates and reacts to people places and things. It is how people interact with their environment and the world around them. Temperament pinpoints our perception of ourselves and the people who love us. It determines how we handle stresses and pressures of life.


Temperament is a determining factor in:

  1. Finding a career which is most comfortable for us
  2. Finding hobbies that will bring us the most joy and satisfaction
  3. How we make decisions and take on responsibilities
  4. How dependent or independent we are
  5. Our spiritual development
  6. How we relate to the Father and He with us

It is through these Temperament Test results we can find our base (Gods original design for us). There are five pure Temperaments with many combinations and blends. The?accompanying illustration gives examples of 4 out of the 5 pure Temperaments.

Once we have an understanding of how God designed us, we can then begin to find the places we are not in sync with our temperament. Temperament is never changed and never transformed. Therefore when we have a behavior that is not in line with our temperament, we can separate it out to find where the source is. It could be physical, emotional, spiritual or any combination of these three.

In conclusion, God designed us perfectly but as we travel through life, we get further away from our true temperament due to many different worldly factors. When we are in sync with our temperament, we are walking in our calling and all the work, responsibility and duties involved will come easily and naturally. The Arno Profiling System Temperament Test is the first step in getting us back in sync with our original design as God intended.